The Mind-Blowing Episode


Bonnie McGuire


How well I remember that winter morning in 1967. The wind howled as it whipped rain against the dining-room window, and swayed the skeletal poplars that lined the road. I finished my second cup of coffee, and deposited the remains in the kitchen sink with the pile of dirty dishes left over from dinner. The radio crackled as though reminding me to turn the dial to a local talk show.

Mr. Gayne Myers (the guest) was telling an unbelievable story that made chills run up and down my spine! Evidently his wife and he had been in contact with extra-terrestrial beings, and had tapes of their conversations. His talk concluded with an invitation to listeners who would like to hear the tapes. Needless-to-say, my curiosity got the best of me, so later that afternoon I dialed the number he'd given, and made arrangements to visit the Myers that evening. My hand trembled as I hung up the receiver. Somehow it wasn't too hard to persuade my husband and some friends to go with me.

Around 7:30 that evening, Lee, Lavonne, Fred, Ann, Tim and Sally squeezed into our car with us. I remember thinking it was a perfect night for a mystery. Within moments we were knocking on the door of a neat little cottage nestled beneath some oak trees. Much to my relief the Myers turned out to be congenial people in their sixties. After exchanging introductions we seated ourselves around the fireplace. Our host added some wood to the crackling fire before taking his place beside a tape player. He spoke briefly about their experiences, and then placed a role of tape in the machine.

The slow, extremely articulate male voice introduced himself, and then proceeded to tell an ancient story about the earth. There had been a war in which one planet of our solar system was destroyed. Consequently, it was decided that those criminal beings who endangered the rest of the system should be isolated, until such a time when they could be trusted as solar citizens. Because of it's restrictive forces, the earth was selected as a natural prison. Great teachers were sent to help the people on earth, but after awhile these also became corrupt, and forgot their mission. The speaker concluded his story with the understanding that they hoped to telepathically raise man kinds consciousness so that the nuclear error of the past would not be repeated.

We barely talked during the ride home. Was the whole thing a hoax? Maybe it was, but I made many trips back to that little cottage and heard all the tapes. My wonderful new friends opened a new chapter in my life that marked the beginning of my continual search for buried treasures waiting to be re-discovered.