Get Ready... Aim... Fire!

(Monday Oct. 22)



It's a brisk and beautiful Monday, and we're all going to Baker. Some will ride in the Jeep and the rest in our Sprinter RV.  Some supplies are needed and the hunters want to sight their guns at the range near Baker. Elk hunting season starts Wednesday.

After a couple of stops it's lunch time, so some of us went to McDonalds, and others at the sub place across the street.

Okay Margie....This time you got me in the eating mode.

This is the place to check out your equipment. The idea is to adjust the scope properly. You need a solid place to rest the gun (like the jeep) to test it properly.

Everybody put your ear plugs in. Okay Tim goes first. Ready,!

Now Timmy takes a few shots.

....And Guy.

.....And Brent fires off a few.

The guys wanted to get something else in Baker so Margie joined Amanda and Brent to ride back to Sumpter with us.

This is what it looks like when I'm in the front seat taking pictures....

....and there's someone in the back taking pictures too.

Fueling up at the Sumpter gas pump before heading back to camp.

We need some more propane. This cute bird house was located just above the tank.

Here's some more residents of Sumpter that hang out down town. Tomorrow's the annual Firemen's speghetti dinner benefit.