Happy Birthday Vicky

(Jan. 20, 2008)


It's Sunday evening at the Five Mile House restaurant and we're celebrating Vicky's birthday. A few snow flurries happening outside, but we're cozy and comfy by the fireplace in this charming place....and about to enjoy a delicious dinner. (Tim and Timmy couldn't join us because they had to be at the RV show in Pleasanton.)

After dinner most of us head for Margie's to partake of the birthday rituals.

Amanda made Vicky's favorite cake...

And we serenade Vicky with the traditional Happy Birthday to you!

Wow! Did you blow that candle off the cake?... (hehehe)

Thank you for making such a yummy cake Amanda.

Hmmmm...I wonder what it is.

It's perfect!

All sorts of wonderful goodies.

....And a best of all hug from Amanda.

And a hug from Brent who also shares her birthday ribbon for this special moment...

What a nice surprise! Tim made it home in time to share in the fun and a piece of cake!  We all love you Vicky, and hope you had a very...